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For a no-hassle, no-pressure experience and an honest diagnosis of your car’s condition, just give us a call.


If you hate dealing with car repairs and car repair mechanics, it’s time for something different.
It’s time to discover why people take it to Mike.


No high-pressure “up-sells”—we’ll just make sure that oil filters are changed, air filters are checked, all fluids under the hood are checked and filled, fittings are lubricated, and the engine is checked for leaks, among other things on our comprehensive inspection list.


Check Engine light is on? Worried what that may mean, and what an unscrupulous mechanic may tell you about it? Bring your car to us and we’ll have a certified technician use a digital diagnostic tool to tell you exactly what your vehicle’s computer is trying to tell you.


We replace worn brake pads and brake shoes, resurface brake rotors or drums, and replacing brake fluid as needed. No BS, no “this is what else you need” add-ons—we just give you the parts and the work you really need to feel confident in your vehicle’s stopping power.

Nobody likes dealing with car repairs.

Your choices seem to come down to this: you either take your car to a dealer’s service centre or a big-time auto service chain, where you pay big-time rates for generic, “get-‘em-in, get-‘em-out” service. Or you go to a private shop where the advice you get often seems as slippery as the owner’s greasy hands.

Mike the Mechanic is different.

Mike Bauman loves cars. He loves fixing cars. And he loves helping people, too.

He has had lots of experience in car repair, working for some of those larger companies. Now he is operating his own shop, and his mission is simple: to provide big-shop quality and atmosphere without the big-shop rates. And without the small-shop sketchiness.

If you hate dealing with car repairs and car repair mechanics, it’s time for something different. It’s time to discover why people like Mike.


Comprehensive service at fair and honest rates
Bring it in. We’ve seen it all.

  • "Great service. Explained everything in detail and made sure it made sense to me. Would recommend. A++"

    Gabriel Wong-Rieger
  • "Awsome shop awsome service and knowledgable staff wouldn't bring my car anywhere else!!! 10/10 "

    Kyle Au
  • "Mike is very thorough and very knowledgable! Great prices. Always easy to make an appointment to get your vehicle checked out. Would recommend him to anyone! Thanks mike!"

    Jon beleshko
  • "Mikes awesome . Always very informative and a pleasure to deal with . We recommend him highly !!!"

    Kim Dunn
  • "Whenever I bring my car, Mike talks through everything that needs to be done then stuff that should be done within a few months. It helps me budget my maintenance, and since he's affordable, I enjoy taking my car in every time!"

    Paul Klaszus
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